Steven Schumpert was born and raised in Columbia, SC and graduated from Dreher High School. He went on to serve seven and a half years as a deputy sheriff, while simultaneously completing a masters degree with High Honors in criminal justice. Steven went back and obtained certification as an Emergency Medical Technician, a field in which he is still employed. Over the past couple of years, Steven has felt led to the complex world of politics, going back to school to complete a master’s degree in government with an emphasis in political campaign management and leadership at Regent University, in Virginia Beach, VA. During this time, he has attended several intense training seminars dealing with future candidate training, fundraising, and grassroots political organization.


Currently, Steven contributes to the conservative cause by writing about issues of concern and importance to a vast number of Americans, and helps promote organizations and individuals involved in these causes, and he enjoys discussing his views of how the GOP can reclaim its greatness. Steven has ambitions of running for office in the future, and counts as his political heroes Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.


Steven is working on his first book, Reflections of an American, a plain-spoken account of the real need for conservative values in government and society, from the perspective of an ordinary American citizen, and a call to action for people to get involved in returning our country to its Constitutional and moral roots.  Steven has also been a state coordinator for HuckPAC, former Governor Mike Huckabee's political action committee, for over six years, which is designed to help elect true conservatives at all levels of government. Steven has been operating Gray Fox Strategies, a political strategy and consulting firm, and regularly works for local, state, and national candidates and causes.   Steven has one daughter, and along with his wife Cindy, a step-daughter and step-son.


Steven also offers to be a guest speaker at churches, community groups, and conservative political organizations, speaking on matters of patriotism, conservative values, and other related topics. If you would like to have Steven come speak at your function, please send us an email at steven@stevenschumpert.com outlining your organization, the type of event and the date, and we will get back to you! We humbly ask that you try and give a one month notice, but understand things come up.  Just let us know!


E-Mail: Steven@stevenschumpert.com

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